Why 75F:

It is estimated that 80% of the commercial buildings in India in the year 2030 haven’t been built yet. Those that remain will require significant upgrades to core systems and capabilities.

According to the India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) by 2030 the energy required to cool our commercial buildings and cities will more than triple to 20% of energy use and carbon emissions nationwide. As plans for new construction rapidly accelerate and cooling energy needs rise, the India Economic Survey warns that equipping our commercial buildings with clean, healthy technology is essential to quality of life and our planet.

75F does not design or build the cities that shape the future of India, but we do make them more connected, energy efficient, and healthy than any other solution on the market today. Best of all, our solution uses a unique and award-winning wireless architecture so traditional barriers of cost and complexity disappear. This means that with 75F, every business and office in India — new build or retrofit — can quickly be upgraded into a smarter, more sustainable one.

There is a two part secret to our success:

The first is our proprietary, cloud-enabled hardware and software, which optimizes and automates any existing HVAC and lighting systems. Together, these account for industry-leading energy savings of 30 to 50%.

The second is our team. At 75F, our employees don’t just believe in a new future for India and cities around the world, they are working to shape it. A future that isn’t dependent on finding foreign sources of energy, but one that makes better use of the energy produced today. One where our innovation and potential isn’t limited by what the cost per kilowatt is a decade from now or a century from now, but in our conviction about the trillions of Lakh and millions of tons of carbon that can collectively be saved.

About 75F:

75F is a rapidly growing technology company based in the US and Bangalore with offices and customers across India. Our investors are led by Bill Gates and include some of the biggest names in climate and technology, and 75F as a company has been named one of the top 100 greenest businesses in the world two years in a row.

We realize people do not fit into neat boxes. We are looking for passionate individuals who are committed to developing themselves and working together to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. We value teamwork, innovation, extreme ownership, and tenacity above all other things. Finally, we believe we can’t build a new future for India without first building a diverse and inclusive team so we hire the best candidates we can based on an evaluation of their potential, not just their past experience in HVAC or IoT.

If you motivated by the feeling of accomplishment, of being a part of a winning team, or desire to contribute to a technology that makes a measurable difference to your city, your country, and to all future generations, we want you to join us.

Looking for a seasoned RTE/Manager with strong coaching background to guide geographically dispersed scrum teams to execute at highest levels using DevOps and Agile processes, tools, and techniques. The individual is committed to data driven and relentless improvement with a system view and working with leadership to develop an environment where meaningful self-organization can grow and thrive. Will operate within a SAFe community and serve cloud and edge development teams. The RTE/RM will track cross-team deliverables, manage risk, and escalate impediments to ensure maximum value delivery and ensure releases make it out on time.

Required Qualifications and Experience

  • Proven ability and experience increasing the delivery speed and quality of diverse agile software teams 
  • In-depth knowledge of, and experience implementing Scaled Agile (SAFe)  
  • Well-formed understanding of cloud-based software delivery patterns
  • Proven experience as RTE or similar role with minimum three program increment cycles
  • Detailed knowledge of Epic, Features, User Stories, and BDD
  • SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE) certification
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related discipline
  • 5+ years of experience in an IT role working in support of multiple software projects in various cloud and edge teams roles.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications, organizational, planning and leadership skills
  • Collaborating with global development and product teams
  • Good knowledge and past work experience on build and release life cycle.
  • Communicate the project-related tasks such as plans, timelines, requirements, etc. between different stakeholders.

Desired Qualifications and Experience

  • Coaching experience at companies of varying size and industry
  • Strong experience with quality practices, test plans creation, automated test scripting, and load/stress testing concept
  • Familiarity Azure DevOps tools
  • Prior hands-on experience as a technical Scrum Master experience with good technical foundation and/or certification (CSM, CPO, or equivalent)
  • Prior hands on experience in hands on coding , with full working understanding of code merging , code branching , code building etc.


  • Facilitate ART events and processes and assist teams in delivery business value
  • Maximize business value delivered by scrum teams building a vertically integrated solution across different disciplines of Cloud and Edge applications.
  • Help Product Owners and Scrum Masters lead more effective ceremonies
  • Track the quality status for various releases and ensure minimum quality gates are met before release
  • Enable and maintain a high level of discipline across various teams to deliver on time all the time
  • Facilitates PI planning readiness by facilitating continuous exploration process that ensures a ready product backlog and enables collaboration among product management, business owners, product owners, and engineering
  • Establish the yearly calendar for PIs and coordinates the various PI Planning events with all stakeholders
  • Coordinate teams objectives and roll up to program objectives during PI planning to ensure clarity of vision and alignment
  • Partners with scrum masters and product owners to track and mitigate risks, improve coordination and collaboration among teams and removes impediments.
  • Work closely product managers, product owners, and development teams to refine, optimize estimation, and improve work decomposition of backlog items
  • Act as the organization’s primary agile coach for various stakeholders including Product Manager, POs, Executives, and Teams to understand and follow Agile and SAFe methods and values to build scaled agile environments.
  • Help team members by being a servant leader who leads by examples and influence